Monday, February 22, 2010

Creating Change in 2010

This post is my entry into the Jolly Mom/HP contest.

Change. It's a buzzword that everyone throws around, and while Creating Change is easier said than done, I doubt than anyone would argue with me that it is needed now more than ever. To create change in 2010, I plan on taking part in A Beautiful Idea. Don't know what A Beautiful Idea is? I didn't either until just today. It is the brainchild of Evie, an etsy shop owner and blogger who wanted to make a change. The idea behind it is simple. It, as the website states, "gives artists the chance to create for a cause, and gives everyone a chance to support charity by purchasing art." I LOVE this idea. Basically, you work with A Beautiful Idea to create a product, sell that product and give all proceeds to the current charity. The current charity being helped is World Vision, which, among other things, is helping with Haiti relief. Again, and I can't say this enough, what a wonderful, and much needed, idea. Imagine the benefit if just a fraction of etsy shop owners participated?

And how will winning this tech bundle help me achieve this goal. Simple, it will allow me to continue to develop my etsy shop, twitter account, blog, and facebook page while on the go to help gain support for this wonderful cause and to help me to promote my shop item once it is created for A Beautiful Idea. As this cause realizes, online social media, as well as Etsy, is the way of the future, and the way to Creating Change. This technology bundle will help me to stay connected and help be part of this Change!

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